We honor that each person has a village of loved ones who want to keep their memory alive. Our Legacy Funds “pay it forward” by using the donations to sustain our free programming. Funds can be used for general purposes or can be selected for specific needs such as grief camps, counseling, financial assistance or our capital campaign. To donate to a named fund, click on the donate button on the top of the page and add their name to the notes section. To create a fund, please contact us. 

Kristian Bailey

"Be Good to People for No Reason" ~KB Please continue to honor Kristian by donating to this ongoing Legacy Fund to help other grieving families like ours.
Thank you, Leah and Girls

Fr. Mike Byron

As a priest for thirty-three years, Mike's Irish wit and wisdom were ever present in his roles as brother, friend, pastor and teacher. Known for his caring, compassion, and support for others, this fund is created by his sister, Molly Byron Hill, to continue his legacy of kindness.

Pat Ruddle Dooley

Pat lived a life of giving to her family and friends, making each person special. Leaving a conversation with Pat, you knew that you were listened to, understood, and you were leaving in a more peaceful state. Pat spent many years as a beloved elementary school counselor. This fund is directed towards the Embrace-A-Family program and Camp Erin.

Stacy Egan

You're the Best! Stacy's fund is lovingly created by her family as a way to honor her kind heart. All funds will be directed towards our Embrace-A-Family program to help other families in need.

Sherry Gaertner

Sherry loved helping others; her funds provide support to other families by meeting their needs for basic necessities through our Embrace-A-Family Fund. Lovingly created by Jeff and Kelly Grosklags.

Vince Glasgow

Vince was a big guy, with a big smile and a big heart. He had an authentic, outgoing personality; his positive attitude and kindness to others were infectious. As a friend, colleague, father, and husband he always gave life his best shot - Vince never layed up!

Elizabeth Kro

We love you to the moon and back!

Kellie Lillehei

Kellie's fund was established by the Lillehei Family Foundation to sponsor our Embrace-A-Family program. This program provides immediate funds for families, whether for groceries, medical bills, housing payments or other financial responsibilities.

Loren Marthe

Beloved Husband, Son, and Friend.

Jenna Paschke

Jenna believed in being good to people. Her rules to live by were "Work Hard, Be Kind, and Give Compliments." Jenna's legacy fund was established by her family and friends to sponsor our entry waterfall for our future build. An avid swimmer, this beautiful area in Jenna's honor will greet visitors with the soothing sounds of cascading water.

Tracy Schmidt

Tracys fund was created to sponsor the conversation area on the patio of our future build. Tracey was all about community, and we hope this space provides just that for the people who use it. This fund is lovingly created by Joan Nikolay, Tracy's wife and very best friend.

Stanley Daniel Smith

You were a gift from God that brought us your wonderful smile and spirit every day of your life. We are truly grateful to have been able to spend so much time you. The pandemic was awful but that allowed me and mommy to be home so much. I love you my son and I will be with you again someday.