Young Adult support

Young Adults (18-30) are often overlooked when it comes to a loved ones death or terminal diagnosis. Our Young Adult program provides an opportunity to connect with others in this age group. From weekend retreats, social events and monthly support groups, this program addresses the specific needs and concerns of grieving Young Adults. Use the Contact Form to get in touch with us!  

Grief support

For Young Adults ages 18-30 who are grieving a significant death. Gaining grief support, whether individually or as a group member, can be transformative during this important time in a young adult’s life.

Young Men's Group

Grief is tough on all of us. It can become even more challenging for men. Contact us to register for an upcoming virtual support group for men ages 18-30 who have experienced the death of a family member.

Events and Retreats

We host several events and retreats to ensure that everyone stays connected. From sledding to movie nights to simply meeting for dinner, we hope you will feel the support of others who “get it”. 


Our pay it forward mentality with our volunteers blends with our internship program offering young adults the opportunity to build their resume while working for a great cause! If you are interested in peer-based mentoring, marketing, fundraising, social media, public speaking or social work opportunities, please contact