"I truly do not have the words to describe how much Brighter Days means to our family, our only regret is not knowing about them sooner. When we lost our Daughter in December of 2016, we felt so incredibly lost and weren't aware of any resources available to us. We eventually found and tried a couple different options and they ultimately were not what we were hoping for. If Brighter Days had been in existence then, I feel as though our grieving process would have been a very different experience. Now, I have made it a mission to spread awareness and connect those in a vulnerable position to this essential piece of healing. We are forever grateful and will continue to share the generosity, empathetic hearts and love they continue to show others. THANK YOU!" ~Missy Rogers, Dani's Mom

"Brighter Days Grief Center is a beacon of light and avenue of hope for those struggling with grief, providing resources for body, mind, soul, and spirit. I would hope Brighter Days becomes a template for other centers across our nation as they are a true example of proactive grieving and what shining by example is; it’s being there when the need is there. Whether a raw griever, a seasoned griever or anticipating a loss they are a wheelhouse of resources for the bereavement journey. They empower those devastated by trauma and loss by giving them the best tools available to navigate their own journey, and provide assistance where needed to support that journey. If you build it, they will come. Thank you for building Brighter Days Grief Center." ~Mitch Carmody, Author, Speaker, Kelly's Dad