Spouse/partner loss

The death of a partner or spouse can be life-changing and overwhelming when there are other family members, including children, who are grieving, too. The following resources can provide emotional and logistical support. 

A Place at the Table 
A ministry of Wooddale Church, A Place at the Table focuses on the unique needs of widows and widowers in every stage of their journey. Whether you lost your spouse recently, last year or several years ago, APATT has something to offer throughout every phase of your experience. *Faith based
Brighter Days Family Grief Center 
Brighter Days offers several grief support groups for anyone who has experienced the death of a partner, spouse, or sibling.  
Grief Share 
Provides a peer-led facilitated video/discussion series as well as online resources for anyone who has lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend. *Faith-based 
Modern Widows Club 
Meets monthly in Waconia providing support and encouragement to other widows no matter where they are at in their journey. 
Recovering u 
Designed for family members and loved ones who know a person who has died from addiction-related causes, this grief support differs from general grief support because the focus is specific to the traumatic loss and the stigma that often surrounds an addiction-related death. 
The National Widowers’ Organization 
The National Widowers’ Organization educates the public about the special needs of men who have lost their spouse or life partner. 
Soaring Spirits International 
Soaring Spirits International offers innovative peer-based grief support programs for widowed men and women both online and in-person. Additionally, Camp Widow® is a weekend program which provides both practical tools and relevant resources for widowed people rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of the death of a spouse or partner. Click HERE to go the Minnesota chapter Facebook page for events and local contact information. 
The Widow Collaborative 
TWC was organized to address the emotional and economic impact affecting widows, especially those in certain lower income and diverse categories, by providing information and other resources not readily available to or affordable by widows to assist widows.
Widow Might 
Widow Might® is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in Minnesota. The mission of Widow Might is to help Christian widows connect so they may live, heal, grow and in time, thrive. *Faith-based 

Financial Support

Through our Embrace-A-Family program, we help provide grocery cards, pre-made meals, and many other forms of personalized financial assistance. To qualify, you must have dependents or have a family member enrolled in hospice.

Logistical Support

We offer assistance for the overwhelming logistics like memorializing social media accounts, filing for social security benefits or addressing probate and financial concerns.

Psychosocial Support

We offer several types of groups, events, and wellness workshops to connect you to other adults who understand. 

Parent/Caregiver Education

We can help guide you on ways to support your grieving children, ages 4-24, through our in-person and virtual adult education programs.

Family Grief Support Series

If you have children ages 4-24, consider participating in our weekly family grief support series, held up to 5 times per year.

Family Camps/Retreats

Whether through our youth and young adult camps and retreats, or through our partners, we can provide access to these family friendly opportunities.

Family Events

Our many events offer ways to honor your loved one by involving the whole family. Please visit our events section!