When hearing about a grieving family, how often have you thought to yourself 

“I wish there was some way I could help”? Now you can.

When a loved one dies, the family faces overwhelming grief. In tandem with this grief, an onslaught of grueling additional challenges often emerge; legal issues, financial worry, personal health concerns and the emotional strain associated with shifting social circles and family dynamics.

A newly widowed person may need help with legal and financial concerns and routine chores such as getting groceries and making meals. Youth may need assistance with schoolwork, activities to stay engaged and access to youth grief camps and programs. Newly bereaved parents may need time away from work, opportunities for self-care and access to grief and trauma-based support.

Embrace-A-Family, Brighter Days signature community program, addresses a range of these challenges in a compassionate and non-intrusive manner. By encouraging the community to help support the often overlooked needs of grieving families, Brighter Days can continue to provide immediate and ongoing care through partnerships with compassionate organizations and individuals. The Embrace-A-Family program offers grieving individuals and families Community Support, Academic Support, Financial Support, Logistical Support, Psychosocial Support and Peer-based Support.

“Brighter Days Grief Center is a beacon of light and an avenue of hope for those struggling with grief by providing resources for body, mind, soul and spirit. I would hope Brighter Days becomes a template for other centers across our nation. They empower those devastated by trauma and loss by giving them the best tools available to navigate their own journey, and provide assistance where needed to support that journey.” ~Mitch Carmody, Kelly’s Dad

Ways to Participate:


The Embrace-A-Family program is generously sponsored by The Lillehei Family Foundation in honor of Kellie Lillehei.